Supporting the needy, especially for the young ones from slums of Korogocho and Dandora (Nairobi, Kenya).

Offer psycho-social support, counselling and giving them education, so they can stand on their own and have a great future.

Peter K. Kuria is trained social worker and qualified counsellor and has broad working experience in the field of councelling and social work with 8-14 year old kids. He has been working with needy children of Korogocho for many years. But the project has been discontinued. He feels the urgent need of support for the children. 

As a member of the Hope Raisers Community he sees the chance to raise a center for the needy children.

Read his testimony:

wape tabasamu
Swahili FOR
“give them a smile"

"I have been giving service to the needy here in Korogocho slums, what I have been doing it was a calling from God and I feel so passionate about those children, who at the moment they have no one, they have nothing to eat neither a place to call home.

I am thinking to start a small home where to offer psycho social support, counselling and giving children education, so they can stand on their own and have a great future. The experience I got from the place I was working I feel I have what it takes to start something which will continue giving hope, love to the young ones; it’s through this act that I will find my dreams having been met. This is just an idea am having, the most difficult part of this idea is FINANCE .

This is why we seek for finance assistance of any of organizations, foundations or individuals willing to support.

 If there’s anything we can do together as the community of Austria and our community here in Nairobi I will be very happy to start something together for the benefits of the young ones especially from slums of Korogocho.

What I have in mind is to have a unique style of helping by that I mean I am a trained social worker and qualified counsellor, for this am able to offer psychological support which other projects are not doing."

The word wape tabasamu is a Swahili word meaning “give them a smile”. Therefore wape tabasamu Centre means a place for the marginalized children, those who cannot afford, joy and happiness and money to cater for their education.


In Nairobi, Kenya there is a high prevalence of major poverty, which has a devastating effect on children and youth. Many children in Korogocho and Dandora (two of the poorest urban slums in Nairobi) are orphaned or abandoned by their families; others live with close relatives like aunts or grandparents who are unable to give them the support they need, because their parents are deceased or separated.

Due to poverty, some parents accompanied by their children or children on their own, started going to the Mukuru Dumpsite to collect waste materials for recycling and collect the remains of the food for their meals.

This environment is very dangerous to their health and wellbeing, but it does allow them to survive. Those who depended on this dump for their survival are exposed to typhoid, cholera and such diseases.

The children, who live on their own are often raped and contracted STDS as a result.

In Kenya law it is mandatory for children to attend school; however only those whose parents can afford to pay for it do so. Because of the high level of poverty, marginalization, high school tuition fee and a large number of children in family, parents often are unable to educate their children who later resort to child labor, and/or using drugs/substance abuse and crime.

Without a good education many children especially from the slum get stuck in their parents/guardian poverty and cannot have hope of alleviating their situation and thus the cycle is repeated.


The Hope Raisers  is a community based organization (started in 2007). We use sports and arts as a means to empower children and young people (under 18) living in informal settlements of Korogocho. The activities are a tool for resilience and violence prevention and for positive social transformation.

The children and youth recover from drug addiction, criminal behaviour, and waste-collecting on the dumpsite. Many of them are orphaned, abandoned or neglected. Engagement in sports and arts facilitate development of adaptive and positive behavior and positive social change.

Among the activities and outreach programs initiated by the Hope Raisers are

  • Hope Raisers Skating club
  • Korogocho streetscapes
  • Talking walls
  • Music of the people, and many more

We focus on mental, emotional, physical, academic and spiritual development. We share the passion of creating a safer community that provide opportunity to all for sustainable developments.

The Wape Tabasamu Centre will be one of the Hope-Raisers programs.

Children from the slums have so much potential, something we have realized during our engagement with many of them through the various child friendly activities initiated by Hope Raisers, each child has a potential that can be developed through practical help and support.


Due to the risks which young children are facing in the name of surviving, I (Peter Kuria) together with other young people whom have gone through the same but later rescued and taken to school and graduated in various forms in education, have come up with an idea of giving the young ones who may be going through the same in a smile in their faces and in their live.

I feel a need to start a program that offers psycho-social support and education to marginalized children from the urban slum mostly Korogocho, Dandora and its environs. The main purpose is to give marginalized children love, nurturing them to be

responsible adults and offer an opportunity to them access education. This is being done through psychosocial support, counseling, feeding programs, cultural activities and paying school fees. It will be dealing with children aged 08 years-16 years both boys and girls.

With many years of experience working with the vulnerable and street children from this environment I feel a need to develop this unique and alternative way on how to address the increasing cases of children been denied opportunities for education.


To offer psychological support and education to marginalized children from Korogocho, Dandora and its environs.


  1. To offer psychological and educational support to marginalized and venerable children from Korogocho, Dandora and its environs
  2. To protect children from child abuse, neglect and labor
  3. To provide, moral, physical, emotional, social, spiritual support and promotion of holistic development to the children.
  4. To provide accessible formal education.
  5. To provide affordable and quality nutrition and health services to the children.


Wape Tabasamu will engage in the following activities to attain its goal and objective of providing opportunities and a better future for the marginalized children

  1. Education
  2. Child protection
  3. Nutrition
  4. Health Care

To read the full proposal please contact us!

wape tabasamu centre

Proposal by Peter kanini Kuria

Questions & Answers

How will you identify the needy kids?

How we I identify the needy kids, this is a very good question because it is the foundation of our project. Before I wrote the proposal I had to take few days of research in Dandora and Korogocho because this will be our area of focus, and what I found out is there are three kind of needy children in this both areas,

  1. Are children living with both parents but parents are abusing drugs therefore they cannot provide for the children, this is the category facing a lot of challenge because many people are assuming they have both parents therefore no one is willing to help or assist them, this kind of children they end up dropping from school and end up in the streets.


  1. Children living with single parent, this is the highest children in this both areas, either one of the parents died or they separated, it becomes very difficult for a single parent to look after the children to provide enough for them, and as a result for this children end up dropping from the school and end up in the streets.


  1. Orphan and children living with sickly parents, this is another category of children which suffers a lot in these both areas, this are somehow complicated cases because they need a lot of attention and they need to be involved a lot in counselling.


The above mentioned categories are the children whom will be assisted in our program, how I will identify them is through what in the proposal I am calling field work, just going round through streets of Korogocho and Dandora looking for these needy children, I will also collaborate with village elders and local administration to identify this kind of children. For a child to be part of our program must fall under these mentioned categories and home visit to be done to prove the child is needy and they can be enrolled in our program.

Will your project be connected to a school? Who will take the education part? Is there a director around, willing to cooperate?

About connection with schools, our centre will focus more on needs children who may require psychological support, counselling, group work and other activities which I have mentioned in the proposal, but we are going to network with schools where we shall be sending our children to acquire education since I have good connections with good and cheap schools around Nairobi and outside Nairobi, is just matter of identifying many of this kind of institutions and collaborate with them of which personally I am very good on that.

Canyou tell us about your qualification?

About my qualification, I have done social work but I based more on Psychological counselling and I graduated 4th/12/2015, I have also done short courses on counselling and children’s right. [more information to come]

For more see the photographs and the video .